Account locked in digital ocean

My account has been locked by digital ocean.what should i do now?

drop a mail to contact support of digital ocean…Now,wait for their response for atleasr 24-48 hrs

Hey @sindhu.gorle, did you get any response from the support team at Digital Ocean? Actually, even my account has been “Locked by Admin” and so I wanted to know their average response time.

Yes they responded in less than 3 working days…stay with patience.

Hi @sindhu.gorle, as you rightly mentioned. I received an email from their end within a few days. Thank You :grinning:

Mailing contact support in the sense? Is it creating a ticket? It would be helpful if you could explain the procedure.

hey @sindhu.gorle
i have received their mail but how should i recover my account and get into process of unlocking?

hi @2017.anish.vaidya
how did you recover your account back and unlocked it!!!as i have received their email that they cannot restore my account

Hey @mrunali.rajigare25, I could not retrieve my account. I had to create another one with another email address.

hey thank you for suggesting me but what about my money which is on hold 350Rs?even if i create my new account ,my older account will still run on activation mode.

@mrunali.rajigare25, My money was refunded to me in a few days. Lets hope that they refund yours too…

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i just made another account and it was blocked too! what should i do? and i have credit card

@mrunali.rajigare25 did you pay again?


Check this thread

I will suggest you to use VMware/Virtualbox instead.

yes i did!! :frowning: how much time it takes to get my money back?

Hi @mrunali.rajigare25,

Usually they reply within 3-4 days.

they did reply but still there is no action take as such yet ,suggest me some other cloud which can be helpful to complete my course

Hi Mrunali,

You can use AWS they provide one server free for one year.

Check this link Note that on AWS they called their server EC2 instead of Droplet.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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Hi i’m blocked in digital ocean ,so what can i do to run the coding
i have seen AWS that what can do

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I assume you found the thread to use bolt on windows already.

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