Alert error on bolt wifi module

I try to setup a Alert in bolt cloud.The alert as sms to a mobile no. The alert is saved and linked but the sms is not send or receiving. i have upgraded to pro version still i am not able to get the sms alert. Please help me to troubleshoot that problem.


Can you share the screenshot of the alert that you have saved?

Apologies for the delay in responding. Did your issue get solved? I will also tell our team to look into this issue and post an update on this latest by Monday afternoon.


Have you created a product that reads the data on the pin for which you have configured the alert? If not, please read below section in the link provided below

Also, from the backend I can see that the alert that you have configured checks if A0 is equal to 0.

Can you update the condition to get an alert if A0 is greater than 0 instead of equal to 0? Once done, take a male-to-male wire and connect A0 to 3.3V of the device. Wait for the data to be sent after the set interval. You should receive the alert.

Please note that this is just to test if the alert is getting triggered. Once we test it, you can revert back to your original alert setting