All lights working fine but bolt wont get listed on even server nor on mobile

after searching for wifi the module gets connected to it but app says connection lost tried everything but its isnt get listed but it gets connected to wifi as both leds gets stable but i cant even see it listed on server side pls help

Delete your device and then Uninstall the app.
Re-install And re-add the device check the connectivity and follow the steps have patience your doubt will be solved

Make sure that you are using the same credentials to login on cloud as well; the one which you have used while ordering the kit. Also, setup again the device using the bolt IoT app and follow the steps one by one. After the setup gets completed, restart the device and check the status. Your device will show up there with status online/offline. The same process is given in training lectures also.

re install the application and reconnect i hope it works this time!

Were you able to connect your device with the account at least once? Or did you face this the first time you tried to setup your device?

Hi @atharvak39,

What is the status of blue and green led ? Follow the setup process again to link your Bolt device to your home wifi network. Also check this video

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Hi atharvak39,
something similar happened with me. Just disconnect/ switch off the wifi that your device was previously connected with and the redo the entire process of setup. I hope that helps!

Hii !
I also had same issues while connecting my bolt module to nearby Wi-Fi router. But when I tried connecting my module to my own mobile hotspot, it got connected and I can see both led’s where stable and can able to verify that my module successfully connected. And finally I could able to see my device added in the list and it was online.

Try deleting the app reinstall it and make sure to disconnect the bolt kit if you have alredy paired it to a network work.Use phone which has the latest android version.

i am facing the same problem.i have connected device once but when i am trying again device is not showing and both led’s are glowing.
please help me out with this issue

Hi @manogna2102 ,
Can you please change the password of your wifi network and try performing the setup again using the Bolt Mobile App? In case you want to revert your wifi network to the previous password, after performing the setup you can again revert your wifi network to the previous password and perform the setup again using the Bolt mobile app. Do let me know if you need any further assistance.

thankyou for your reply
i have tried it but i’m struck at this point, after connecting to the wifi blue led is glowing but
it’s showing as lost connection to bolt.

Hi @manogna2102,
Please check if your Bolt is visible on the cloud dashboard. Also please close the app once and open it again, it should resolve the issue. Do let me know if you need any further assistance.


Please refer to this solution -

thank you for the reply
it’s working fine now

I am facing the same issue .I have tried all the solutions mentioned here but it is not working. the blue and green light glow without connection .

Kindly share video of wifi setup of Bolt module where both led starts glowing before connecting into your wifi.

Hi @sayali.nehul19 I believe your issue has been resolved