Alternatives to digital ocean

My laptop is a 32 bit one and both the alternatives dont seem to have software suitable for 32 bit. What should I do now?

Try using DigitalOcean. You may alternatively try installing python, pip and boltiot on your computer directly.

No need to worry.These are the steps which I followed to work on window platform:
1.first of all install python(
2. download the installer script
3. open the command prompt and navigate to the file and run the following command:python the location of scripts in your python folder and copy the location
5.go to command prompt again and type cd and paste the location type pip3 install boltiot
Now open python editor window and type the code as required and run the code

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@sush510sachinfan You can install the 32bit Ubuntu Server version. The 32 bit version will work on both 64 and 32 bit OS.

If you have dual boot laptop, consider installing Ubuntu OS.