API Blocked frequently

Respected Sir,

My API key is getting frequently block when I use it one time it is getting immediately blocked. Kindly solve my problem as soon as possible

  1. As far as possible, please do not change the API key once it is generated unless you suspect the API key has been compromised or inadvertenly shared. If you are making changes, you have to make the change in all the python files that you have created so far. Otherwise everytime if you change the API key and run the old python files your connectivity to the cloud will get blocked .

  2. Also , do not forget to link the product and deply them in the cloud every time you change the API key.

  3. If you are having more than one BOLT IoT devices, please make sure you are entering the correct API key for the target Bolt IoT device.

Hope this helps.

Please use a appropriate delay if you are using loops. You will be blocked only if the API limit is crossed.

To know more please visit https://docs.boltiot.com/docs/api-access-rules

This problem you are facing is because you have used the function in a continuous loop. The free account on the Bolt Cloud only allows 20 API hits per minute. On the other hand, the Pro account allows 240 API hits per minute.
I suggest you import the time package by using the statement import time.

Use the time.sleep() function.

If you have the free account, keep the time as at least 8 seconds.
If you have the pro account, keep the time as 1 second (to keep as a back-up to prevent the problem from ever occurring)

I also faced an issue regarding this. For my college project, I bought the pro account subscription for 1 month so that my project could work more accurately and I fetched better marks.

I hope I cleared your doubt.