App does not detects the device after given all credentials of my router, even though the device has the blue and green light glowing steady

Everything is alright in the setup expect I don’t see my device in the app

after providing my routers credentials I see the blue and green are steady but the app does show the device it shows connection lost tried several times.

help me please


Incase this was the first time you tried to connect your device, you can write a mail to and ask for a replacement.

Shoot a video of the issue, and upload to the drive. Then share the PUBLIC link of the video on the same mail.

bro yes it was my first time using boltiot and I have emailed the issues and attached the video link so far no replies, help me

@gayansiddhaarth , Make sure the Wi-Fi on the device is enabled . This could be a physical switch, an internal setting, or both. Reboot the modem and router. Power cycling the router and modem can fix internet connectivity issues and resolve problems with wireless connections.

Bro everything is good. The app is working fine and detects the device well in android 10 only. It worked for me. Anyways thanks bro