Asking password while trying to connect bolt device

The blue led is blinking.Bolt is asking password While I’m trying to connect through Wifi. There’s no another Wifi or internet provider in house except my android phone.

please share me the password or another alternative to resolve this problem.


You can turn on your mobile hot-spot n connect it to your bolt module

But how should I connect it.I turned mobile hot-spot n green light doesn’t turned on.

use another android phone and connect to it.once the device is linked problem will be solved

it automatically gets connected to nearby hotspot or wifi router while doing it turn on your mobile data

@dabhishikth.r You can choose to set up the Bolt using your own mobile hotspot. During the set up stage when in the WiFi selection screen, you can see an option to set up using mobile hotspot.

Hi Dear,
You must need to connect your bolt device to the wifi but to do so you need to install Bolt IoT application in your mobile, you can download this application throughout the playstore. After downloading the application you should open it and turn on your mobile wifi. after this you have to enter credentials of your wifi and to do so you need atleast one mobile from where you can connect your bolt device to your mobile. so you can borrow mobile for few time after that you can connect your bolt device to your mobile.
if you have any further query then you can ask me on my email id

When you have successfully connected your bolt module to your mobile hotspot the blue light will stay on.the green ligt will turn on only when your module gets conneted to internet so you should turn on your data on phone.