Assignment Integromat facebook adding issue

After selecting facebook i am enable to see any options of “create a post” instead of this i am getting “get a post” and after selecting that option there is a column “post” in that i am enable to choose my page which i have made specially for this perpose…

Hi @satishkumarcse1995,

I assume, you’re selecting ‘facebook’ module instead of ‘facebook pages’. Select the latter and you’ll see the ‘create a post’ in there.

Let me know if you need any other information.


What we have to write in this link option.


Nothing. You can keep it blank.

where we have to write codes for this- in VM VirtualBox in which we have written codes of earlier project???

And I cant save all the work which i have done in Intergration platform i have to start the work from starting after i open the site


Look at the below image. Will help you locate the ‘save’ button.

Yes. Running the webhook URL will trigger the Facebook post. Add the function definition and put the webhook URL from your integromat.

bt it gets deleted once i closes the tab and again open that site on new tab


When you click ‘save’ do you get a popup on the bottom right side of your screen saying ‘The scenario was saved.’?

Yes bt after closing tab and again opening it is not there

You don’t see it under ‘All Scenarios’ section?

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While linking modules fill all required fields for both the modules and then click on Save
Sometimes if you directly click on Scenario, a pop-up asking Do you want to leave the page appears so if you click on Leave your changes won’t be seen but otherwise you can see Scenario in All Scenario section of Integromat