Assured internship task:-

Hello sir,

I received the certificate for “training” today. I want certificate for “internship” and for that I have decided to go with task 1 (video tutorial). So I wanted to confirm if I can record a video tutorial for the same project that I built for certification test then would that be fine?

Hi @harsh.choudhary.2103 Yeah , you can use the same project but make sure if you choose single project then it should be properly explained as per instructions.

Okk sir, thank you sir!

Hello sir! I want to know the decathlon ctc for sde 1 freshers. Pls let me know. And what is project topic of decathlon innovation lab intern.

Hi @sarthak.219301194 Decathlon has not as of now disclosed the stipend for the internship. For your second question, you could visit this: Decathlon’s Innovation Lab Internship Opportunity

Hello sir,

Can we use the capstone project from the Bolt IoT and ML course to make the video tutorial for the internship certificate?

Hi @kronit528,

No you are not allowed to use the capstone project from the Bolt IoT and ML course as the project for the assured internship.
Go through the link given below for more details.

I submitted the project for “Assured Internship Task” on July 2, 2023 . I have not received the internship certificate. How many days it usually takes to approve the submission and give the certificate?

Hi @harsh.choudhary.2103,

Can you please share your Email ID with which you had purchased the training so that we can check and get back to you.

This is the email I’D sir!

Hi @harsh.choudhary.2103 ,

We have reviewed your submission and it is good to go. I have shared the certificate with you via Email.
Thank you for your contribution and we wish you the best ahead.
Do let me know if you have any queries.

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