Blue led blinking slowly

After restarting my device,my blue led is blinking slowly.I have checked my Wifi and power supply.What should I do to come back to fixed state?

This has also happened with with ,just do the setup once again .

So where I have to start from.Do I want to go to Bolt cloud and add new device?

The blue Led blinks slowly indicates that the bolt IOT wifi module is tethering its own hotspot so you will need to setup it again as you made it earlier.
Hope it helps

no, by set up i mean set up your bolt wifi module using bolt app again as you would have done it for the first time.

try to disconnect the power supply and reconnect it (i.e disconnect your 5V data cable from device and reconnect it), else you can do the setup once again.

Try connecting your Bolt device to different wifi network and check if it is working.

In my case it worked well.

blue led blinking slowly means the device is transmitting its own wifi hotspot.

Slow blinking of blue led means that the bolt wifi module is transmitting its own hotspot.
For getting its led light at fixed state you have to do setup as given in training.
If after doing setup for the first time you are again getting slow blinking of led light then these can be done –

  1. Do setup again.
  2. Check whether your source hotspot to which
    you are connecting wifi module is connected
    to any other wifi because sometimes this
    causes interruption.
  3. Point 2 doesn’t happen often but you can
    check because I have experienced it.

So you can check all these points I have mentioned. At first you will be facing some problem but after doing it in regular basis you will be able to understand.

And follow the setup mentioned in training properly.

I experienced this as well and tackled it by disconnecting the power supply and reconnecting it again to the Bolt IOT wifi module (I figured it might be because of some loose connection and fixed it a bit tightly … it worked!).

blue led blinking slowly means the bolt WIFI module is tethering its hotspot. To get that led to fixed state there are two ways either wait for few seconds sometimes it takes up to 10-12 secs. to get to fixed state otherwise just do the setup process again and it will surely solve the issue.

in this case i would recommend you to set your bolt wifi module using mobile app once again , may be the it would have got disconnected .