Blue light blinking continuously and not able to connect to cloud

whenever i connect the device to powersupply , a sudden flash of blue and green light is followed by slowly continuously blinking blue light. Devise can neither be connected to wifi nor cloud.


When you give the power supply to the bolt iot module for the first time it shows a sudden blink in blue and green led. Then only blue led will be blinking slowly. If you are connecting it with a wifi network blue led will be blinking fast. After completing set up with wifi and when the connection is established blue and green led will be glowing brightly. There should be no blinking.

when i am trying to add the devise to my bolt account it is saying error everytime

@ag161298, can you please share the error that you are getting?

I cant connect the bolt to cloud, the wifi is not getting setup somehow

@aangelagrawal7 What is the app showing you? Can you please post a screenshot of it?

i was facing the same issue i tried to connnect through another mobile and it was working in that
but it took time i almost did try again for like 20-25 times and now it gets connected in first try

iam also facing the same problem can u help me
i actually gave the wrong wifi credentials
device is always offline

@dineshkumar.18ec In this case, do the setup of the WiFi module again via the app and it should connect to the new WiFi that you have given.

hello,first you need to have 2 mobiles ,one mobile is your that already installed boltiot app,then setup hotspot in other mobile and note wifi name and password,now you go to your mobile open app,add device their u will show near wifi then select your other used mobile wifi and enter you have noted wifi name and password and connect
now your device shows online green light will be ,now remove wifi in other mobile and create same wifi name and password in your own mobile and save it.Now once off boltiot device and turn on then it automatically connect to your wifi.HURRAY now device setup is completed you can use mobile hotspot to boltiot device and ur laptop
device is online.
i hope your problem is solved

please check your mobile data was turned off even then if it was not connecting to the cloud once turn off the wifi and on it I hope it may work

pls turn off ur mobile data, in the app section enter the correct wifi password and location correctly…Once done it automatically connects to ur wifi whenever the wifi module powered

it is better to use a wifi connection in this case,
it will be much easy then connecting through your mobile data

I also got an issue in device set up as it was showing to change the frequency so i took two mobile and one with bolt-iot app and other with hotspot, choosing it from the list of wifi and then entering the password the problem resolved and connected to bolt device.

It’s because the wifi module didn’t get Internet connection, then it will become stable

I have also gone through this problem, so this may help you
After all the connections, you have to open the bolt iot app again and after that blue and green led will glow and on cloud it will show online.

When you power on the wifi module, blue and green led blinking slowly then only blue led blinking.When you connect it with wifi blue led blinking very fast.Then you have to open you bolt iot app to connect it to the cloud.When you click to your wifi module to be online,wifi module will be connected to the cloud and green and blue led will continue to move steadily.

Hey, I faced a similar problem. I just let the wifi module blink for sometime and eventually it connected to the wifi and the cloud. I suggest you give it sometime to connect for 2-3 minutes and try the setup again if it does not connect.

Im facing that the green led is not blinking

first when you plug your device the blue light blinking slowly, then connect the bolt device with the wifi then it will start blinking fast, after that in bolt iot app connect it to cloud . This a required an active internet connection after that the green light start and blue light was glowing constantly and you will see your device status online.