Blue light blinking continuously and not able to connect to cloud


whenever i connect the device to powersupply , a sudden flash of blue and green light is followed by slowly continuously blinking blue light. Devise can neither be connected to wifi nor cloud.


When you give the power supply to the bolt iot module for the first time it shows a sudden blink in blue and green led. Then only blue led will be blinking slowly. If you are connecting it with a wifi network blue led will be blinking fast. After completing set up with wifi and when the connection is established blue and green led will be glowing brightly. There should be no blinking.


when i am trying to add the devise to my bolt account it is saying error everytime


@ag161298, can you please share the error that you are getting?


I cant connect the bolt to cloud, the wifi is not getting setup somehow


@aangelagrawal7 What is the app showing you? Can you please post a screenshot of it?