BLUE light is not turning ON

When i am turning the power ON,the bolt device blue light blinks for a second and turns OFF.What should I do??

first of all go through all instructions and procedure ,also you can search for the official videos from bolt or else search in the forum already this topic has been discussed and there are solutions to it.TRY AND LET US KNOW ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR PROBLEM,AND PLEASE GIVE A DETAIL EXPLAINATION OF PROBLEM. YOU WILL BE SURELY HELPED.

By the way I am not setting up the bolt device for the first time.I know how to do it.I am saying that whenever I am trying to power on the bolt device the blue light BLINKS FOR A SECOND and turns off.So what should I do for it.Normally it should blink slowly before pairing with hotspot but nothing happens like that.

:grinning:i think there is some problem in power supply.

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There is no such problems with power supply…

Hi. @ameyakalbande6,

I think there is some issue with the Bolt device. Please make a video of the issue and upload it google drive and then share the public link of the video to Once the lockdown is over, we will arrange the replacement of your Bolt device (If it is under warranty.).

Do let me know in case you need any other information.


Thanks for your recommendation.
But now it is working really good.
I’ll let you know if something happens.

@ameyakalbande6 I’m also facing the same problem can you tell how your problem was solved?

Are you using your bolt device after a long time,if not so then put the bolt device connected with the power for 5-10 minutes after that remove it,wait for a while and then try to connect.Hope you’ll get the output.

@ameyakalbande6 ok I’ll check thank you

Do drop me a message once it is done.It worked for me as a remedy hope u find it the same.

@ameyakalbande6 I kept it powered on for 10 mins and kept it over a night . And now the same problem the blue light just blinks for a fraction of second when powered on then green light is randomly blinding

@rahul.singh1 sir my device is also facing the same problem what will be the warrenty period?

Hi @vuyyuruyogeswari,

It is one year from purchase date. Please share the video of the issue on Note that it will only be replaced once the lockdown is over and shipping services resumed.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.