Bolt always offline

hello everyone I have an iphone and i setted my bolt up with the application. But now whenever i go to the app my bolt is always offline showing the red button but the wifi it is connected to is working. Someone please help

please download the Bolt app, and simply follow the instructions to connect the Bolt device to the Bolt cloud
first you click on add device, then power on the Bolt device ( blue led will blink slowly) , then it might ask the password for your wifi connection , after password verification the blue and green led will become stable

here is a screanshot for reference

yaa i did this and afterwards my bolt is never online its always offline despite the fact that my internet is fast. Thanks for replying tho

@gaureshmaheshwary what is happening exactly , what is the status of leds ?

Please make sure you connected the bolt iot wifi module to power supply.
And are the led showing light if yes then see the colour of led light if it is green and continuous.
Then wait for while if then again show offline then check for the internet connection .
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Hi @gaureshmaheshwary are the LEDs on the module stable?

You have to connect your bolt module to a switch with the USB. Then make sure both the LEDs are ON and stable. Then it will definitely shows your device as online.
NOTE : It doesn’t show online when you don’t connect your bolt module.
I hope this helps…
Let me know if your problem is solved…


What is the status of the LEDs on the device?

mine is showing contineous offline, despite follwing all the necessary steps

can you plz send the screenshots of what exactly your problem is??

1)Make sure your bolt device is powered up (ie.) blue led is on while checking for the status of your device on the app.
2)Usually if green led is ON in the device,it should show online as it is connected to the cloud. Switch on the wifi network which you used initially to setup the device.Try refreshing. Make sure the wifi module is in proximity with your mobile.
3)If still it doesn’t show make sure the bolt device that is connected to the app and the one you are using are one and the same. If you have 2 or more devices connected to the app,you might be having some problem .

Make sure you have gone thorough the process of configuring the wifi connection of the bolt wifi module using the boltiot mobile app.

Try to reinstall the bolt app again and repeat the process once more. Then try to connect your wi-fi module again. First click on add device, and power the wi-fi module. If it works fine led will start to blink or else there might be a problem with the wi-fi module.