Bolt App Login Issues

Recently i reinstalled Bolt App, when i try to sign in with my mail Id a pop up cames saying its registed with google account so sign in with google . But when i click on that option nothing comes, as if thats not working. Any help to login back into the app?

Hello ,
Try to uninstall and reinstall the app again and make sure that you have login into the app with same mail id you have for bolt account as well as bolt cloud. Check whether your app is up to date or not.
Thank you

I would recommend you to update all your apps including google play services and other google apps.this can help you to solve this problem.also check if you used the same mail with which you logged into bolt cloud.

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Hi @alexypulivelil
Initially, if you log into your bolt iot cloud app and use your google account for registering in for first time .It would show already registered dialogue box if you try to log in with bolt iot credentials.So make sure you are using same google account to log in which you used initially.If it still doesn’t work try reinstalling app or visit the and try logging in .