Bolt app problem

In the bolt IoT app it’s not showing my WiFi network instead it’s showing add network

Make sure that your wifi hotspot is properly turned on. Try plugging the module in mobile charging adapter. and even if the network is not showing try connecting it manually, by pressing ADD NETWORK , enter SSID, select security type, and enter the password. Hence done

In that case, you make sure that your Bolt wifi module is connected with power supply and after that add wifi on your mobile name with BOLTXXXXX.
After that open app and there will be shown ADD DEVICE option for further process click on that
after that you have to enter SSID that you want to connect and its password.

1)first of all switch off wifi from your mobile.
2)than just switch on wifi and remove automatically connection from your phone.
3)now add network in boltiot app it will show your wifi network just put email and password your problem is solved.

first connect the device and make sure that blue light in your device was on and then open your bolt app if you are connecting for the first time since no device was configured you need to start the device startup and then after completing the startup click on continue and then connect the device to the local network now you can see that the device was connected successfully hope this was helpful for you :slight_smile:

@krishnasanjay714 Have you switched off the Mobile Data? If yes, can you see any WiFi networks listed in your phone WiFi settings?
Please send across your phone model and android version also.

First see to that your bolt wifi module is connected properly with the power supply and no connections should be made lose . Then click on the wifi button in your phone and add wifi of your bolt device .
After that open app and then click on add device and after that you have to enter SSID that you want to connect and its password.

plz follow these instructions.