Bolt application crash

When I went to add a device on my mobile a alert is coming showing that your mobile support 5Ghz wifi connection but our bolt Iot does not support the 5Ghz support so pls choose 2.4Ghz. This notification keep on showing even if I clicked on ‘Ok’ button.Also after a while the app crashed .I tried it many times but the problem still exist.
My mobile: Oneplus 6t

You can solve it by using a different mobile. Install bolt app in the new phone. Login and try to connect. You can use select wifi of your old phone .
The problem is due to your mobile as bolt module WiFi works at 2.4 GHz and you are trying to connect with 5Ghz
I too faced this problem and that’s how I solved it
Thank you

I too got the same problem. Don’t worry just keep on trying it 3-4 times surely it will work fine afterwards.And ya you just have to configure it once and after that it will connect in seconds whenever you will try to reconnect it and will work perfectly fine.

@arpitbandejiya Can you please share the details of the error to We will require your help in fixing the issue as soon as possible.