Bolt cloud shows values even if there is no snsor connected

In LDR plant monitoring system, the data count in cloud is automatically getting updated even when the light sensor was not connected to the bolt. Why is this happening?

Even if your sensor is not connected, the pins on the Bolt have their own resistance and thus current flowing through it hence the value gets counted. The parameters of the air around the open pins also affects the values that are shown. Some of these parameters are temperature, humidity etc of the air.

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I also tried to calculate values without temperature sensor it was showing values b/w 0 and 1024, I think there is a random() function in bolt library which does this, should check documentation why it is happening.

In that case how can I stop posting the values into the cloud? Because every time the Module is online, even when there is no sensor, the junk values are being pushed into the cloud. Even when I set an end date, it is not working. Can u pls help me with this?