Bolt connection issue

I have connected the bolt device to my mobile phone…the blue light is blinking fast, but i could’t see the green colour on it and I got a pop-up stating to enter my SSID and password for which I want to connect my bolt device and I entered it. then it’s showing that device already linked to account.and it isn’t showing device is online.

please look above picture

Hi I had the same problem you can restart the app and make sure your internet is fast

Hi,deekshith you might face this issue if you are already connected to the bolt device with your other device such as your laptop.I’d suggest you to completely disconnect your bolt account from any other device and try connecting using your phone.

i have tried everything as you said and now i got a popup stating “the request timed out”.


Can you share the OS version of your mobile?

its iOS 14.4 version


We have started facing issues with iOS 14.4.X and we are already working on fix for it.

Is is possible for you to try setting up the device on android phone? Since its a one time process of seting up the device, you can later work with your iOS app.

Make sure you use the same email id that you used to purchase the device while logging in on the app.

yeah issue is resolved after settingup i android mobile…thankyou

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