Bolt Course Completion Certificate Update

Hi, I received my Bolt certificate after I completed the test with 66% but the final test scores report it as 96%. Where can I get the updated Course Completion Certificate, Or can you mail me the updated one

The exam can only be answered once. Hence the first time we grade, those become the final marks. Retaking the test will not updated the most recent marks.

No, I am not talking about retaking. The evaluation for 30 marks takes time since they are not MCQ and they were updated after a few days. My certificate shows the initial mark as 66% but you can check my profile, the real final score is 96%. 66% final score seems odd, please check it

Hi @manojvelu99 , your query is regarding bolt iot and Ml . Right?
You mean to say your forums and project marks are not updated.
Also share me your gmail id so i can check.

Yes, My Marks on the certificate are not updated after the manual check of some questions. The final score is 96% is my email

Hi, I mail you updated certificate. Do check and let me know.

Received, Perfect. Thanks for the quick resolution