Bolt device connection problem

Please help me in connecting bolt device. I used 2 smartphones to do so. On the 1st phone i installed the bolt iot app and in the 2nd phone i enabled the hotspot but when i try to add the network it says no internet connection. But i enabled the internet in the 2nd phone

wifi module blue light (which is wifi connectivity) isnt blinking,or green light(cloud connectivity) isnt connecting you can try the following:
connect the bolt module to a power supply and try to configure it on the BOLT app
when you open the app and try to configure it
the app will show the WIFI requirements and you can try to connect the module to your wifi accordingly and by following the instructions
PS: check the wifi frequency and the BOLT module frequency and modify the wifi frequency for the bolt module
Also try connecting to a different network and see if the same error occurs

The connectivity to cloud will only occur if the wifi is connected and there is a steady blue light glowing.
that will occur only though the app.

can you please send me a video of connecting the bolt device using 2 mobile phones?

Hi, I also faced the same problem as your.
While keeping the hotspot on on your second mobile switch on your wifi in your first mobile.
Then press hold the wifi button to display the options.
You will find the hotspot of your second mobile as well as the Bolt Module wifi.
Select the bolt module. It will show a no internet connection error but dont worry.
After that the app will ask you to choose a net connection to connect the bolt module with.
Here select the hotspot of your second mobile(password will be asked for if any). It might show error for a few times but it will get connected.
Same has to be done everytime the module has to access internet from a different wifi network.

If this was of any help and if your problem is solved so give a reply. Thank You.

When you are connecting your 1st phone with the Bolt Wii Module, keep the internet connection off the the 1st phone and keep the Wifi on.
Then while it ask you for the wifi connection, open the hotspot of the 2nd phone and make sure that your internet connection strong and working and connect it to the wifi of first phone.