Bolt device connection to bolt once already connected

sir, my bolt device was connected , and the status was online until i pressed disconnect on the bolt cloud,device information, so now how do i connect again?. if i try to press device, it is not getting connected?

Please try to provide a proper screenshot of what you’re trying to say. So that we can explain it better

i wrongly pressed disconnect …and now it is disconnected from my bolt device.
how do i connect it back?

so now its showing offline. i tried to restart every thing…no idea what to do?

Hello @jainapeksha588,

I was facing the same problem and I was able to come up with a solution, hope it may help you.

To solve this issue you can connect your BOLTIOT Device using a smartphone. For this you need to download Bolt IOT application from playstore or appstore.

Once you have done that sign in to your BoltIOT account.

You must keep the following in mind while connecting your mobile to your BOLTIOT device :

  • Turn ON Location Service(GPS) on your mobile.
  • Turn OFF WiFi of your mobile.
  • Turn OFF Mobile Data of your Mobile.
  • There should be active WiFi nearby for your Bolt Device to connect.

Now follow the instructions shown on screen on mobile and you will be connected to your Bolt Device.
It worked for me, hope it works for you too.

Thank you