Bolt device is not connected my cloud boltiot account

The 2 LEDs blue and green are stable .
But bolt is not linked to my cloud account please help!!!

No worries!!
It is clear the the bolt kit is perfectly fine.
Try refreshing it in the bolt app otherwise log out and try reconnecting it again.
Try rebooting your phone in the worst case.

I did all the above still it’s not connecting.
Both the Led lights are still stable.

I am still seeing these things pls help me wasted my 2 days on this thing

I think previously you connected Bolt Device using another phone So it is still linked with previous phone Just Unlink the Bolt Device
procedure :
Login to Bolt Cloud .See which device you want to disconnect.Click on Share icon & click on the cross icon to disconnect the Bolt with your account & set it up again with whom account you want.

Check this link

Hello. There is no issue with your bolt kit. Even I have encountered the same issue sometimes. Just try to reconnect to the hotspot on your mobile or your friend’s wifi. And also refresh the bolt cloud page once!