Bolt device is not connecting

I have changed my mobile hotspot password , since then bolt device is not connecting , please help

Trying it connecting from the start as like a new one by following the steps provided in the docs

This setup works only during first time

when I change the password I tried and it worked

It is showing like this
And blue led is blinking slowly

After changing my wifi password, it worked for me so I m suggesting
Go to add device and continue steps.
hope it will work for you too
Or else others will help.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hey the problem was that it was linked to my account,so then I unlinked it ,later followed setup instructions, Thank you for reply

Glad to know the problem is solved :slightly_smiling_face:

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Open Bolt IoT app are try to connect it there, if Bolt IoT is not showing then use a different phone , install Bolt IoT app and use the following steps

The problem is already solved and I have mentioned thank you