Bolt device not connected to cloud

On the circuit board the green LED is on but it is still not connected to my phone and i cant find the wifi network of the device

Well @satyampalkar7 you could try restarting your bolt device and try to connect the device again.
Also make sure to turn off mobile data during the connection.
Let me know if you still couldn’t solve this.

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hello @satyampalkar7 you should restart you phone after that connect the bolt circuit to the phone again and reset your hotspot and then connect again it will connect if not then let me know.

Hi @satyampalkar7,

Please check this video

Do let me know in case you need further assitance.

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Hi @satyampalkar7

You could try restarting the BOLT module or your mobile phone and you can also check out this video
you can easily find out the solution.

If the green light is on, the module is connected to another wifi network which you didn’t intend to. Try uninstalling the bolt app and install it again appropriately, after resetting wifi settings on the phone. Follow steps given in training to the cue and it will connect to the wifi router you intend to.

just off the mobile data and connect to wifi and also remove the connection on bolt cloud …and follow the instruction of bolt cloud connection. it will work