Bolt device not pairing

I have tried many times to connect bolt device to my device, but it always went unsuccessful. I have tried all troubleshooting methods, but still unsuccessful. Plz guide my further on how to pair bolt device to my device using bolt IOT app in android.

I think you should try checking if you have a stable internet connection. Also make sure your mobile phone and bolt device are connected to the same WiFi if you are connecting it for the first time.

Hi @meprajjwalsharma

Please check the below links

  2. Bolt Version-2 Setup Debugging

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Here are the steps to connect the bolt wifi module to cloud -

  1. Power on bolt module. Blue led start blinking slowly.
  2. Turn on wifi of your mobile and connect with the hotspot of the module through android bolt app. Blue led start blinking fast.
  3. In that app search for your home wifi(In case you dont have then u have to share data of another mobile through wifi ) and connect to this wifi by typing its password.
  4. If you cant search for your home wifi then you have to type both wifi name (SSID) and it’s password to connect to home wifi.
  5. if your home wifi is connected to net . Then your bolt module will also get connected to net. Green LED start glowing.
  • You may have to use 2 devices . One providing internet (home wifi) and one your mobile which act as interface to connect your bolt module with the home wifi.
  • You may have to turn on- off wifi several times of interface device(your mobile) if it says so in the app
  • If it still not working maybe your wifi module gets damaged