Bolt Version-2 Setup Debugging

Problem 1. Blue led is not blinking.
Answer - You need to power on your Bolt device. Use a 5V Micro USB Power Adaptor connected to a power supply mains to power on the Bolt.

Problem 2. Blue led is blinking but it’s not stable.
Answer You need to connect your Bolt to your home wifi network. Download the Bolt IoT App in your Android phone and follow the onscreen instruction to connect your Bolt to your home wifi network.

Problem 3. Blue Led is stable but green led is not On.
Answer It means you Bolt is connected to your wifi network but not getting the internet access. Enable the internet access from your wifi network. If you have connected your Bolt to college wifi network then refer this thread. Connecting Bolt to College University WiFi Network?

Problem 4. I don’t have Wi-Fi network but I have hotspot feature on my mobile phone? How can I connect Bolt to my phone?

When you are setting up your Bolt for the first time, You need Bolt IoT app and wifi network. In case you don’t have the wifi connection at your home then you need two smartphones for setting up your Bolt. In the first phone install the Bolt IoT app and create a hotspot from the second phone. Now open Bolt IoT app in the first phone and log in with your login credentials and click on Add Device button and follow the onscreen instructions and in the last screen, it will ask to connect your bolt to second phone’s hotspot and your Bolt will be restarted and will connect to your second phone’s hotspot.

Problem 5. My bolt module is not connecting to the bolt cloud but it is connected to the network. What could be the problem?

Please check if your WiFi network has Internet connectivity. A good way is by visiting and checking if you are getting suitable speed. You will need a stable, working internet connection for Bolt to connect to your cloud account.