Issue with module set-up

Hi! I am currently facing an issue that I hope can be resolved ASAP.
A few days ago, I had successfully linked my IoT module to the Bolt Cloud via my mobile hotspot but it doesn’t seem to be working now.
The blue light on the module blinks slowly once before staying stable regardless of the hotspot being on or off and fails to connect to the cloud and go online. The cloud light hasn’t turned on since turning on the module after the initial link to the cloud.
A guidance into fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


While doing the setup for the first time, did you use your friend’s phone hotspot to setup? If this is the case, then your friend’s hotspot might be on and the Bolt might be getting connected to that (* since you said that the blue LED is becoming stable.) In such a scenario, please ensure that the hotspot on the friend’s phone is off. Then you can switch on the hotspot on your phone and then power on the Bolt. It will connect to your phone. Also make sure that your hotspot has mobile data.

Let me know if the above suggestion solves your issue.

I’d used my own hotspot to set-up via the Bolt app on my friend’s phone. Could that be the issue?

No that should not be an issue as long as the hotspot name and password don’t change, Bolt should connect to your phone’s hotspot. One more thing, when in the app it shows the list of WiFi networks is shown, you are sure you chose your own hotspot right? or did you choose any other WiFi name e.g. your college WiFi. Because if the Bolt gets connected to your college WiFi, the blue LED will become stable but the green LED won’t come on because it will not have Internet access.

If this issue still persists, and you had done the setup process for the first time in your college, then please repeat the setup process at your home. This way if the Bolt is connecting to some other network in the college, it won’t connect and you will be able to setup the Bolt easily using the app to your WiFi.

I’m sure I used my mobile hotspot because college WiFi wasn’t an option. Also, I will not be able to try the set-up somewhere that isn’t in the vicinity of college Wifi since our hostels are in the campus and WiFi access is always available.

I’d appreciate assistance in troubleshooting as soon as possible.

Hi @shilpa.namboodiri,

is the blue led blinking? Check the below link