Both the leds are stable but i am unable to connect what should i do now


Your blue and green led are on it means your Bolt is connected to your home wifi network. Once bolt connected to any wifi network, it stops creating its own hotspot network (Here you are trying to connect to Bolt hotspot that is switched off by Bolt).

Now open (on your laptop/desktop)and log in with your login credentials and check if you are able to see your device.

If are not able to see the device on Bolt cloud, then change the wifi password of your home network and follow the setup process again

Also, check if the below link helps

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Green light is stable means it already connected to the nearest wifi which you already configured before,
bolt device will stop it hotspot when it is connected to wifi.

are you getting it’s hotspot while the green led is stable?



Since both the leds are stable, it means that the device setup is complete and it is connected to the cloud.

From the image I can see that you are currently trying to connect the tab to the Bolt’s wifi directly which you shouldn’t be doing anyways.

To proceed further, please visit to create a product and link the device to it.
Please refer to know more about how to create a product and link it to the device.

Nice catch. The device hotspot shouldn’t be listed once it has been connected to the cloud.

I am guessing it must have got listed in the wifi section just before the device got connected to its configured wifi network.

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HII @gowthamkrishnateja You disconnect to Bolt wifi and connect to your router wifi then your device will be discoverable . Use ur wifi credintials to login to your network