Bolt hotspot is not connecting

I cannot connect to bolt android phone is not connecting to it.

Could you be more specific? Like, can you see the bolt hotspot? Is the bolt already connected to a network? Or are you entering the right password?

As given in the instructions,fo the first time BOLT will create its own Wi-Fi hotspot named as BOLT followed By ID.But this
bolt hotspot is not detected by the phone… such name is connect…i tried to connect using other phone…but same problem

Did you try restarting the bolt? (plug out and plug in the bolt). Turn on your phone’s wifi and scan for devices. You should get find one after doing this. If this is not working with the same phone then try with a different phone (android/iphone).

It does happen at first . By trying to connect it from different devices ,apparently it will get connected to one device. If not ,then try using laptop ( connect the laptop to the bolt’s wifi).

my bolt is not connecting to any device. i have checked the password and its correct . please tell me how would i make it work

Hi @diareet434, can you please share the steps that you have taken till date regarding the problem that you are facing? The bolt device is supposed to connect to the bolt mobile app initially to set up the wifi connection. Later, it will connect directly to the WiFi network that you have used in the setup.

Hi @shoeb.ahmed . I wasn’t able to connect my bolt hotspot to any device first . Then I checked password and it was done but now I can’t connect my bolt to cloud. It always come as offline . Although the bolt kit is connected to a WiFi and the LEDs are stable.
I don’t know how it would work else than this.

@diareet434 Have you checked if the WiFi network that the Bolt device is connected to has Internet access? Also, sometimes, firewalls may block the normal functioning of the Bolt device.

@shoeb.ahmed . Yes I have checked . It’s from my phone. So I don’t think such problem would ever come. it used to work before but not this time.

Check if the wifi network to which you connecting bolt works at 2.4GHz. Bolt does not support 5 GHz WIFI networks.