Bolt IOT app crashing after connecting to a network

Whenever I am trying to connect my Bolt IOT module to any network( mobile hotspot/router) , app starts crashing and the green led is in ON state but the app is still asking add device…


Are you able to see your device on

Thanks for the reply…But, Now I am able to connect my Bolt module using my mobile hotspot but still facing issues when trying to connect it to the router. it’s asking to add network again and again and the app crashes. while both the LED’s are in ON state…

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Try reinstalling the bolt application as well as updating play store services. It shall be helpful in case your application is getting crashed.

I suggest you to clear some storage space in your mobile and also try re-installing the app. For smooth function of the app, do use the device manager and clean the trashes and unwanted storage consumed. Hope it helps.

I am facing same problem …:neutral_face:


Have you tried connecting to any other network or using any device <= Android 10?

Yha sir it is android 11…now what was the solution :face_with_monocle:


I’m sorry, I didn’t get you. This is what I asked.


Connect to the Device with any other android phone with Android version 10 or below.

Once, you do set up using any other android phone, you don’t need the Bolt IoT app, and will be able to complete the assignments using a laptop/desktop.

Let me know, if you still face this issue.

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you are connecting the module with a router or your own mobile hotspot…?