BolT IOT certificate not recived

I have not yet received my Bolt IOT training certificate. I have completed the exam with more then 50% marks and have submitted two projects and 2 answered question links as well . I finished my exam 7 days ago.
My email ID :-
order id:- #India45910

Hi @utkarsh.tiwariblr47
Congratulations on completing the course.
You have satisfied all the conditions for receiving the certificate. But maybe the answers that you have provided for the queries in the bolt forum are not relevant or is previously answered by someone else with a more relevant answer. So make sure that you have answered an unanswered question or you have provided the most relevant answer to the queries with screenshots and links. It can also be that you have to wait for the confirmation mail from bolt iot.
Thank you

Can I get your contact number I need your help.
text me on linkedin

@utkarsh.tiwariblr47 Apologies for the inconvenience caused. As I can see you took the exam on 10th, we’ll process the certificate by tomorrow.

I have completed my exam today with scoring 50% but my 3 questions are not graded that are 2 of giving answers on bolt form and 1 of project. I have submitted links of all but at the time of result it can’t get grade and so when I refresh the page suddenly I am log out.
Agin I have tried but not login again so what about my Certificate

Please send my certificate to me. Please


What should I do???

Hi @ssrajebhosale9637,
It takes up to 7 working days to get it checked and final certificate to be issued.