Bolt Iot connection

I have done every mode of instruction available annd still cant connect to the wifi module.the blue light us blinking slowly and then it is blinking fast but not connecting to wifi and caution is shown again .i have pasted the image

Hi, goes to wifi setting in your smartphone and select bandwidth 2.5 Ghz then your wifi module will connect easily

Since I also faced the same problem I connected it through mobile data via hotspot. This can be done by click “Add Network/SETUP VIA HOTSPOT” that is displayed when it asks for the internet connection. Then enter your appropriate name and password of the hotspot.

Are you still facing problem while setting up?

Hi @richajituri909

This is a just message box. Follow this setup process

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

Is it possible to do from the mobile in which the app is installed?

I too got the same problem,pls reply if yours is solved

Hi, make sure you select the 2.5 GHz bandwidth while connecting your bolt module. Moreover, the available wifi options will be highlighted in green

Hello, I had also faced this problem, firstly you just do one thing is that open wi-fi on your mobile phone and discconet mobile data. Bolt iot has it’s own hotspot to connect thus you just need to connect that wi fi network named with like “bolt9273829183” by the password shown you in mobile app of bolt. After that bolt iot directly able to connect your personal wi fi network and then you put correct password and then green light is for internet blinking constatnly and blue for connection. Once it done for both blue and green then every time bolt can automatically join that network directly after joining to the laptop. This is easy way to connect our bolt device.

@richajituri909 The maximum bandwidth of the Bolt wi-fi module is 2.4GHz, hence choose a wi-fi that has a 2.4GHz frequency. You can check it by clicking the particular wi-fi name in the wi-fi menu in your phone and check the frequency of that wi-fi. Then connect to the appropriate wi-fi.

I think The above link is useful for your problem. @richajituri909