Bolt Iot device not responding

Both the red light and green light are stable. It shows in cloud as online
But it is not responding to any commands anymore.
I was testing the Led light On and Off, it was working fine but suddenly it stopped responding so I thought it was the Led problem so I tried with buzzer, even that is not working anymore now

You can try these methods to overcome this issue

  1. Try connecting to another network.
  2. Try changing the USB cable.
  3. Reconnect the Bolt device to the Bolt Cloud.
  4. Try using a breadboard and connecting wires instead of connecting LEDs or buzzers directly to the Bolt device. For more info do refer Bolt IoT documentation section.

@abhinav.sandru can you please share a screenshot of the response you are receiving?

You may have called the API too frequently. There are some API ACCESS RULES that you may check out here. Please go through the rules and modify your code in such a way that you don’t break the rules, otherwise your access will be blocked for 6 hours. If you need more bandwidth, consider upgrading to Bolt Cloud Pro.

Hey, Brother

Please Check the Network range you are connected to. And Try to check the proper USB Connection, if not connects means use another USB Cable and Reconnect the Bolt Device.
Check for your supply side once.

check your wifi connection and USB wire


If your Bolt IoT device not responding then try another network maybe it can work.

If your bolt device is not responding then you can try to connect it to another wifi network. Use breadboard for making connections and also check that you’ve made proper connections.

hey, @abhinav.sandru pls try reconnecting the wifi to the wifi module and to the mobile device used. And do try doing the setup process again. And slo make sure the connection of the led and the buzzer to the wif module are properly done.

try reseting your device