Bolt IOT library directly on windows

the Training shows how you can install the bolt iot library for python on our Linux server using putty. is there a way to install the bolt iot library for python directly on our windows device as i use python on windows directly so it would be easier to work on it rather than using putty

It makes sense although you’ll be missing a lot on learning Linux.
For the projects I’m pretty sure it shouldn’t matter. I tried pip installing the bolt library on my android device and it works. So there’s no harm in assuming it should work on Windows too.
After installing python and pip on your Computer, just use the command prompt to install boltiot ‘pip3 install boltiot’

Thanks for that. Its just convenient on windows sometimes lol. We learned a lot of linux this sem in college so hopefully it shouldn’t be a problem

Hey! @iamdxyo
If you are using IntelliJ, PyCharm, Anaconda or any other software to do programming in python,
Here is a Hack.
In your directory, create a file named requirements.txt and add boltiot to it, it will automatically install the required Bolt-IOT python library and all you have to do is import boltiot in your file to use this library.

This method can be used in any of Windows or Mac.
Hope this was Helpful.

I just use the idle that comes with python. But also do i just type in " add boltiot"???