Bolt Iot Login Issue

Can able to Login to my accout.

@jjwalanarasimha can you please try logging in again and also try resetting your password?

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Thank you sir,my problem has solved.

@jjwalanarasimha Anytime. We are always there to help. Do let me know if you need any other help.

My device is not confirmed. It is sending a new confirming code everytime I login into Bolt IoT website.

@jjwalanarasimha can you please share the screenshot of the error?

@jjwalanarasimha are you using the browser in guest/incognito/private mode or have blocked cookies?

No sir, I am not using in that modes. I accepted all the cookies at the starting only.

@jjwalanarasimha which browser are you on? Try using google chrome, it might ask once but then it should work fine.

Yes sir I am using google chrome only. But, it’s not working.

@jjwalanarasimha try some other browsers, it may be some problem with your browser settings. Please make sure your browser is up to date. Do check this out.

kk sir. I will try in some other browsers.

@raghav.srivastava My bolt wifi module is not getting connected to the cloud…the app is not responding again and again as I coonect wifi module to my wifi.


Hi, Is your issue resolved? Make sure you are not using college/public WiFi. maybe they have restricted the use of the network.

let me know if you require any further help.

yes…it has been solved…thankyouu