BOLT IOT setup. Account owned by someone else

Hi there,
when i was trying connecting my bolt iot module it is saying that the account is already owned by which isnt even my mail account and when i tried other soultions as mentioned in the forum they didnt work either as both the green and blue LED continue to glow stably but in my bolt iot app shows no devices and so does the bolt iot cloud. As soon as i tried connecting with another wifi so that the green LED does not glow everything runs smoothly until again the message pops that the account is already owned by thus im not able to work with the device. i have tried reinstalling the app also but no results

Hi @ishu.mangotra, Apologies for the issue you are facing.

I will have our tech team look into it and fix it for you soon. Will update here once done.

Hi @ishu.mangotra We have fixed this issue. Can you do the Wifi setup again and confirm it for us?

Yes, it is working fine now.Thank you for your help!

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