Bolt IOT with firebase

I have interfaced Arduino UNO with the Bolt IOT module. I want to send the 3 analog read & 1 digital read sensor data to Bolt cloud using Tx and Rx pins.

The main objective is to send the data from Arduino to Bolt IoT using UART and then push that sensor data to firebase using the firebase API library in Bolt. So that the sensor values can be communicated over application using firebase. Please suggest the workflow. I am trying this for many days, but still facing many issues.

Hi @ninad.w,

We don’t have much information on how to integrate the data with Firebase, but I can give you possible steps to do the same.

  1. Setting up Arduino to push the data. You can use the Boltiot Arduino Helper library to achieve this. I have shared a link to the same, and links to projects that use the library.
  2. Pulling the data from Arduino. To push the data to Firebase, you will have to use a service running on some cloud connected machine. This cannot be done by simply using the Bolt Cloud. Most probably you will have to write python code for this. Our IoT and ML course teaches this, and you can find examples of the same all over the internet. To pull the data from the Arduino, you will have to use SerialWR API call, as mentioned in the docs link below.
  3. Pushing that data to firebase. The service that you write for pulling the data from the arduino can then be modified to push the data to firebase. I cannot give you pointers on how to do this, as I have never done, or come across such a task. However, I believe that if you visit the firebase documentation below, you might find a suitable python library to achieve the same.

Project based on BoltIoT Arduino Helper:

Firebase Python Library:

Do let us know if this was helpful.