Bolt is not connecting to cloud. Green LED is not glowing

Hi. My bolt was functioning well for the whole day but now my device is not connecting to the cloud. I tried unlinking my device from the cloud and did the setup all over again but even now my Bolt’s green led isn’t glowing. While setting it up again, I got okay till connecting my wifi to the bolt module, then “No Internet Connection” screen popped up which suggested to retry setup. I did that as well but in vain. Green led is still not glowing and device is still offline. What should I do?

Device is showing up on the cloud portal but green LED isn’t glowing and the device status is shown as offline.

EDIT: After unlinking it and setting up again a couple of times, now my green LED is glowing. So it’s resolved. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am also facing the same issue.