Bolt microcontroller not responding

I was working for my final project and all of a sudden the module stopped responding for my codes and commands. It is not even responding to the products which I have created in the early stages of course. Both the blue and green lights are stable and connected to wifi but not responding to the codes.

Please help me out.

Thank you

@saiprakash.psr Maybe you have been rate limited due to crossing the threshold of maximum api use. It will be working again automatically after 6hrs. For more info refer this

And from next time check your code that does it hit api more than threshold value and try correcting it. You can also upgrade your cloud to pro to increase your api access limit.

hi @saiprakash.psr you will receive mail if you are rate limited. check your mail once.I think this is the issue .you have to wait for 6 hours to work with the device again. I faced this problem too .And this has been done for security purpose. hope this helps, thank you.

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It has been 3 days and i see no email. I wrote to i hope they will help solve this

Hi @saiprakash.psr,

  1. )When you power up the device, do the Blue and Green LEDs turn on immediately, or does the Blue led start first and then the Green LED starts up?
  2. ) Does your Bolt Wifi module show as online on the Bolt Cloud dashboard?