BOLT network fluctuating

When my PC is getting connected to Bolt hotspot, on accessing, its showing no internet connection. Furthermore, the network is highly fluctuating and the Welcome to Bolt page is only appearing for a few seconds.

Bolt hotspot can only be used to connect your pc or mobile with bolt when no wifi is available to connect bolt to. It does not provide internet connectivity. So it will show no internet connection…
The Bolt hotspot is not really fast although its functioning is fast when connected to wifi. One method is to remove sd card from bolt and connect it to pc using a card reader. Open bs.txt file . In that enter your wifi network details to which you want to connect. Hope this solves the problem. Otherwise in welcome page click on configure. In the page that loads enter your wifi details and click on save & restart. Your bolt will be restarted and connected to wifi.


Hi @ghoshsamadrita3,
Check if any proxy services are enabled in your browser.

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