Bolt Python Library Project-Checking device Status

Hello, I am enrolled in bolt Iot and Machine learning course in which I am facing problem in Topic named Bolt Python Library. So, in this a project named as checking device status and restarting device includes coding, during coding i am receiving a error. The error is syntax error which points to the api key letters. The API key entered is correct and syntax followed is also correct. The installation process of the python libraries is also correct.
Here, is the screenshot of the issue.

The Bolt() function requires strings as input to function but in fourth line of your code you have given ascii alphanumeric digits, according to python compiler they are not strings so it’s showing error. Use the variables, api_key and device_id which contains the strings or use the strings directly then it will work fine I guess.

Is your query resolved as per solution @dipnarayanroy2001

It’ll work fine if you enter the API Key and Device ID in quotes i.e ‘…’ Otherwise you could just use the variables instead