Bolt remains offline

I connected the bolt device to internet.Only the device gets added.The green LED remains off and the device remains offline.I have disconnected and reconnected the device many times but it is not getting connected to cloud.Please help

Refresh your bolt cloud webpage.

ya I did but its not working.i could see my device status only in products tab after I link with a product.I couldn’t see under devices tab.It shows one device is connected but when I click it nothing is displayed.

@nivibn Can you please share the type of WiFi that you had set up the Bolt device with? Is it a home/college/office wifi?

i tried setting up with home wifi

i am facing the same problem and i am on college wifi…please help

Hey, I think the problem is with your internet connection. Contact your Internet Service Provider.
And in your college they have a firewall which prevents you from using it to connect to Bolt Server so try using ur home wifi or ur mobile hotstop by installing the Bolt App in some other phone.

@chirzz010101 If you are using a college WiFi, then chances are that they have installed a firewall or some MAC filtering which allows specific devices only to connect to the WiFi or get internet access.
Try setting up the device via your mobile hotspot or a home WiFi.

@nivibn Can you please check if you have logged in using the same email ID as the one you have used to set up the Bolt device in your app?

Ya I logged in with same id and I can link device with project but it’s always offline.i get notification like 1 in hardware tab but when I click I can’t see any device and in mobile it’s always showing projects tab I can see the device and it’s always offline

@nivibn Can you please share the Device ID of the Bolt? It will be something like BOLTXXXXX.
Also, try refreshing the page and if that does not work, try using an alternate browser.

You should have wifi network so it will be easy to connect the device with cloud and the green led will remain constant

Please check whether your wifi has got good internet connectivity. A good way is by visiting to check whether you get suitable speed for the stable internet connection. Else, follow the troubleshooting the setup process in the bolt training page to remove your bolt device from the college wifi as it has firewalls and connect it to mobile hotspot. I hope this information is useful.