Bolt setup - connection to cloud error

I tried connecting the bolt wi-fi module to the cloud but it didn’t work. The connection process went smoothly till the page opened to choose a wi-fi network(home wi-fi or hotspot) . When I selected home wi-fi the page reloaded and returned to the same page with connect to a wi-fi network but the green and blue lights are stable and on. I have tried several times by changing the home wi-fi password and also tried connecting it to the other mobile hotspot , but nothing works . Please help…

Is the green light on even when you turn off the wifi connection it is connected with?

Try checking in bolt cloud if your device is showing. Because blue and green lights are stable which means you are already connected. This happened in my case too that after connection established to the cloud through bolt app the page reloaded and asked to choose the wifi network. So I restarted the app and it worked. So if it doesn’t show in cloud then try fresh installation and try the approach I mentioned.

The green light is off if I turn off the wi-fi router

Are you trying to connect with a 5Ghz band wifi?
Bolt Module only supports 2.4GHz wifi signals. Make sure to stick to that.

Other than that, you can go through the video on - to troubleshoot your issues.

Let me know if you face trouble even after that.

Hello thanks for replying!
I’ve checked the cloud it’s not displayed in the cloud.
I’ve tried reconnecting it with a phone hotspot but still it doesn’t work.
The installation goes smoothly till the choose a wifi network , when it choose the network and enter the password it reloads and says to connect to internet , but the setup is not completed

Yeah my wifi is 2.4GHz .
When I’m trying to setup the whole installation process again I’m not finding the bolt wifi , it’s not displaying the WiFi networks available list , what do I do for this?

Your Bolt Module has a stable green light, if I’m right? And you’re claiming, it is not connected to any wifi? Is that right?

is green LED on your bolt wifi module is stable or not if stable its connected!!

And at the time of fresh installation, what happens when you connect to your home wifi and then check in cloud? And observe one more thing and tell me that when you connect to your home wifi, is there any change in blinking of lights?

Hi @gajulavarsha359,

What is the status of blue and green led?

The green and blue lights are stable and on. When I turn off my home wifi the green led is off , but it shows no connection in the cloud neither in my phn

Both are stable and on

Yes the bolt module has blue and green stable lights on . The green light is being off when I turn off my home wifi router . I guess the connection has been done but it is not visible in the phn app neither the cloud

Can you try connecting with some other wifi? Maybe your phone hotspot?
Turn OFF the home wifi before doing that

ok that means it got connected with your WIFI but bolt app could’nt able to detect right!! so what i suggest is to reinstall bolt application and try once more reconnecting following same steps that you have followed before. i hope it will work sure for this time

Yup I tried now the device is visible in the cloud and my phone . But it shows offline

What is the status of the green light? OFF/Blinking/Stable?

Have you power up your module and are bolt Green and Blue Led were stable , if they are stable then is must show Online in your device

The green light is Off and the blue light is blinking