Bolt Setup Problem Green Light is not glowing

My wifi module has connected to my hotspot and its blue light is on,but for cloud it is not connecting and green light is not glowing.

Hi @ravinderyadav90258

This means that the Bolt wifi module is connected t the network but it is not receiving internet. Please make sure that your router or the mobile hotspot has an active internet connection.

Do let us know if it works. If you still face any issues, please feel free to get back to us.

i try on 3 networks but green light is not is only blink 1-2 times when i give power to the bolt wifi module.

Hi @ravinderyadav90258

Can you send a short video while doing the setup of the wifi module? This will help us to guide you better

I am making a project where I control a glowing LED from the Bolt IoT cloud using a Bolt WiFi module.

Hi @ravinderyadav90258

Your code looks correct. Can you please tell us what is the status of the green led on the wifi module? If the green led is not glowing, then can you please share a short video of powering on the wifi module?

The green light only blink 1-2 times in starting when i connect wifi module to my laptop for power on.Video option is not supporting its only allow images.

When I start first time setup of wifi module it is working but after 2 days later the green light not glowing only blue light is glowing.

Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp
Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp (2)

Hi @ravinderyadav90258

As seen in the video, the blue led is blinking slowly which means that it is not connected to the network. Please connect the bolt wifi module to a network using the Bolt app. Once you have completed the setup, bolth the green and blue led will be stable and the device will be shown as online in the cloud dashboard.

Do try this and let us know. If you still face issue, please feel free to get back to us.

in second video blue light is stable . its connected to my wifi but on cloud dashboard it is showing device offline
Untitled video - Made with Clipchamp

Hi @ravinderyadav90258

Please cross check that your wifi has an active internet connection. The green led is not glowing this means that it is not receiving internet.

We tried to find your contact details in our system so that we can guide you on call, but however we could not find your contact no. Please share your contact no and the video on so that we can reach out to you to solve this issue.

See in my opinion you should try, Even though your Wi-Fi module is connected to your hotspot (indicated by the blue light), it’s having trouble connecting to the cloud. To fix this, first, check if your hotspot settings match Bolt’s requirements. Then, try restarting both your Bolt device and the hotspot. Also, ensure your Wi-Fi network allows cloud connections. If nothing works, you might need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi settings on your Bolt device.
hope the above will be helpful.

@ravinderyadav90258 were you able to complete your Bolt wifi setup? Green and blue LED will become stable once you successfully complete the setup.

If you are facing issue still let me know.

Happened to me today, I used the boltiot app on my phone to setup again and it connected to cloud and the green light was on again.