Bolt unable to connect to wifi

My bolt device is unable to get connect to Wifi. Infact it shows that it is connected for a sec and then it gets disconnected. What should I do?

visit this for solution

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Try setting it up again from the bolt IoT app. Check if the no. of connections your wifi router supports haas reached or not. If yes then try connecting it on another network or disconnect a device not needed. If the problem still persists, contact Bolt support.

@nehaanitasingh24 TYSM for the solution. Actually I tried the same way before asking this question,but somehow it didn’t work. After your reply I tried again and it worked. Thanks for this!

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@lackshya803 There was not a problem of router. Anyways I have got the solution. Thanks for your suggestion!!


@sardaatharva24 First of all this is the link about when and how one led glows in a module. In context of your question I want to ask you that whether you have updated the app or not ? If you haven’t then you will first have to connect module once then you can update.
As per your question that you are not able to connect then I want to ask that have you connected it once ever or this is first time you are setting up your module and this problem is encountered… if you have connected earlier then the only way is to use the hotspot of previous time and update your app then you can use any hotspot. If this is your first time then do this that use hotspot of second phone or a wifi router and on the wifi of phone having app and power on the module , follow the steps on the screen and this time keep your internet of phone with app off and wifi connected only and make sure in settings of your phone you have already given permission to bolt app for mobile data turning off/on and for location.
If this still doesn’t works then use both phones with internet connection because at first bolt module turns on its hotspot and your app contained phone gets connected to module’ s hotspot first then after configuration it(module ) gets connected with the router/hotspot so once in a while when you are connected with module 's hotspot you need active internet connection on your app contained phone because wifi is indulge in module hotspot once.
hope it wil work!!

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@priyanshiomer707 Hey…TYSM for your guidance. It was not my first time of connecting the device. I had did it before. The problem was this time I was trying to connect the device to a new wifi network, as a result I was unable to do the same. But I had found a solution and now I am already progressing with the same. Thanks for taking out time to answer my question.

@sardaatharva24 my pleasure.