Bolt vs arduino

what is the difference between bolt and arduino and raspberry pi

Bolt is a plug and play IoT platform meant to do tasks only related to the field of IoT. Whereas arduino and Raspberry pi are general purpose platforms that can be used for many other tasks including IoT , but the learning curve to implement the same features of Bolt on arduino or raspberry pi is a bit steep.


Sir,i didn’t get the meaning of the last line in the answer.

Hi Learning Curve is the time taken to learn something and implement it.

To develop a application like LED control over net using arduino or Raspberry Pi, You will need to install / download many libraries and write multiple lines of code to get it working.

Whereas with bolt you only need one line of code and no additional libraries.

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Hi sir!
Most of jobs based on iot mention Arduino as a required skill , as we have learnt on bolt are we eligible for that job ?
Are Bolt and Arduino similar in handling ?

Bolt is esp8266 with a firmware so that the embedded programming aspects need not be handled by us. This makes project implementation much faster and easier. On Arduino or other microcontroller systems, there is no such preinstalled firmware so the developer has to deal with both aspects.

Thanks for the reply!!
But what about the jobs mentioning Arduino as required skill, am I eligible for that?

If they require you to have skills in embedded systems (probably the reason for Arduino), I doubt you’ll be given an offer. But then again they might just want to see if you have a basic hands-on and elementary knowledge of electronics. I suggest you work with Arduino as well. Combining it with bolt you can create a lot more projects.

i just want to know can bolt pass graphical signals like raspberry pi ?
is it possible to create any such project which needs to pass signal of videos or images with bolt ?
if yes then can i get a small idea of how to do so ?

basically in arduino or rasberry pi , there is not much differences but they are:
in arduino you get more pins option and in bolt you have lesser pins available for interfacing.
for arduino data can’t be stored on a cloud services through the arduino platform , but bolt provides all services at one place.
For bolt codes can be retrieved through cloud data easily and less prone to loss of it .
each one of them are useful in every aspect of themselves.
you can connect as many devices to bolt .