Bolt Wi-Fi module is faulty


I have tried to setup as per instructions are given in video. I have connected the Bolt Wi-Fi module to cable and after that i have turned on the switch but my device is not blinking. Please help me to figure out.


The blue light of your module is not blinking?

No, blue light is not blinking.

Make a video of the module showing that the power is ON and USB is connected properly.

Share the video link with and state your query.

Saw the video and came to know that that isn’t the way how Sir has instructed on the IoT and ML training. The proper way to use Bolt Wi-Fi Module is to connect it to a 5V supply FROM any of your device that’s gonna come to use throughout the training. For example if you have your laptop with you connect the USB to a port on your laptop then light may hopefully start blinking and not be a faulty product and then proceed with the training accordingly.

Hope this was helpful !! :slightly_smiling_face:

No, light is not blinking. I have checked all the possible way but it is not blinking.
I also checked through laptop and power socket.
Video link

Ah I see that…make sure you here the click sound when connecting the USB on your Bolt Module…and now if this doesn’t work you ought to contact respective persons for a replacement. :slight_smile: !!

Did you send the mail?

Yes sir, I have sent a mail to but they ask me to post it on forum.

Yes sir I here the click sound when connecting the USB to the Bolt module

Hey @ranjana.singh9821,

I have asked my team to resolve this issue as soon as possible. You will soon get a resolution regarding this.

Shobhit Kumawat