Bolt wifi connection is not in online

Wifi module is working good and both the lights were oned but it is not showing the device online in bolt cloud

Try refreshing the webpage.
The bolt might be connected to another account (maybe your old account).Redo the setup with the correct account logged in your mobile.


Can you restart the device once? Please make sure you are keeping the device offline for atl east 1 minute before turning it ON.

Do revert back in case the issue persists.

I restarted my device, after that device is not turning on green . Its just blinking blue colour . I turnerd off all night . However same issue .


Blue LED slow blinking indicates that the device was not able to connect to the wifi source to which you had connected the device.

Can you make sure that the device is in range of wifi source and that you have not changed the password of the source(router/mobile hotspot)?

If there is no issue in the above points, you can re-configure the device the same way you did for the first time.

It has happened to me as well. All you need to do is restart the linking process. Close the current page or refresh it. I’ll be glad to know if it works

unlink your wifi connection and again try to connect with the same or other