Bolt wifi module connection

hi All i was connecting my bolt wifi module to my bolt cloud account. i almost completed the entire setup and then my network got disrupted. Now bot the indicating leds on thwifi module are on but no device connected is being shown on the bolt cloud account. How can i fix this issue

Hi @prathamahuja924,

This issue generally happens when during the Wifi Setup of the device when we choose the intended network to which we want to connect our Bolt Device to and enter password it gets connected to the network and while proceeding to the next screen wherein the device gets linked to the account we might have to turn ON the mobile which most of them don’t do it and go back at this stage.
You will have to follow the entire setup process.

You may share your Device ID and the Email ID to which it has to be linked to so that we will do it from our end.

Hi @prathamahuja924,

Also please share your Phone model name and Android version of your phone.

Sir my email ID is
And for device id I’d request you to plz tell me the steps to look for it cuz I really don’t know my device id

I have OnePlus Nord 2ce lite and my Android version is 13

Hi @prathamahuja924,

Turn OFF the Router to which you have connected your Device to and Power ON the Device.
Now only the Blue LED would be stable. Then check the list of networks on your phone by turning ON the Wifi you will be able to see a network SSID with a BOLT prefix. That is the Bolt Device ID which I would require to link it to your mail ID.
Let me know if you have any queries