Bolt wifi module not giving output

The bolt wifi module is failing to give output as I tried to use a buzzer it is not making any sound when uzz on is pressed.
But if I create another project for temperature detection, it works fine and plots the required graph.
Please help me and tell me if the wifi module has got damaged or something else?

Kindly check the connection !
if temperature detection project isworking then there won’t be any damage in the wifi module😊

@shubham11gupta10 as you have said that your module is working fine for Temperature detection project while it’s giving no output in case of error.

It clearly means that you are doing mistake either in the hardware configurations of buzzer or your code is having some error.

Do share your hardware connection’s snip and also of the code

these are the circuit connections please help.
@SYED_ILYAS @vishalvats2000

@shubham11gupta10 there is no need of a resistor in the hardware setup. Just connect the longer leg of buzzer in GPIO pin ‘4’ and shorter leg into Gnd

Small correction also: In the sibgleButton function write the text-color field without quotes i.e. text-color: white

i tried that too but the problem still persists @vishalvats2000

Go through it once again
Kindly look at the TASK 6
At the end of task 6 you can see this line
NOTE: Do no use a resistor with the buzzer.

Then you might have ticked the Input Device option while configuring the product. I request you to again create a new product and write the code again.

Do the connections without resistor. It will work. Also as the project majorly doesn’t need a breadboard, so use the male to female wires included in the kit to connect the buzzer and module

i tried removing the buzzer but no improvement and when i directly connected the grnd and the 3.3v pin the buzz works, so the buzzer is fine, but still dont know where is the problem. @SYED_ILYAS @vishalvats2000

Do implement this @shubham11gupta10. Use the male to female wires and follow the steps. It will work fine

Buddy, you don’t have to define a hardware configuration for the product as you are using it for an output device. Redo the process, it will definitely work :slight_smile:

Do revert back when you are done :slight_smile:

buddy its still not working. @vishalvats2000

Here you Goo!
I don’t Know who’s that guy just found the video on youtube😂
Just go through the video and Check
I think you might get clarification☺

buddy i did the same thing but no help.

Once can you remove the sticker on the buzzer :joy:?

the buzzer is working when i directly connect it to +ve and -ve terminals…its just not working when i conncected to the output pins

Okay @shubham11gupta10. I am writing the steps in an elaborated way. Do follow them one more time, please.

  1. Create a new product. Choose Output Device as product type and GPIO as the interface type.

  2. Go to the code tab of the product and there write the following code:

name : ‘Buzzer On’,
action : ‘analogWrite’,
pin : ‘4’,
value : ‘200’,
bgcolor : ‘white’,
shape : ‘rectangle’,
align : ‘left’,
text-color : ‘white’

  1. Save the code with a js extension.

  2. Link this product to the Bolt device.

  3. Make the hardware connections (use male to female jumper wires).Connect shorter leg of buzzer to Gnd and the longer leg to Pin 4.

No need for hardware configuration for the product. Don’t use a resistor

i am doing the same thig thing continuously but no help, though i have complaint about this to the bolt support.
thank you guys for giving me your precious time

@shubham11gupta10 , hope you get the solution from the bolt team in sometime :slight_smile: